FreeVision price supported FairCoin wallets.

On this site you can download all FairCoin wallets that support FreeVision price.

Warning: If you update your existing wallet then please ensure that you have your seed or backup ready!

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FairCoin Core Wallets

Linux wallets for standard full nodes and CVNs does not support any price and can be downloaded from official website.

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Native Android FairCoin Wallet

FairCoin Electrum Wallets

Sources and Binaries

GitHub Sources | Releases
summary of sha256sum ( checksum double check )
Python (3.6.1 and higher) ElectrumFair-3.3.4.tar.gz - (signature)
sha256sum: 7cb3df5d5fd3f09acd8aad1640ad8cf75e14338b141ef8d44edb7333e013ff5d - (signature)
sha256sum: 9ec331909be008a164ae50dd40bef259485ab5bc81f24a12fffa9e912f94f3a5
Linux ElectrumFair-3.3.4.AppImage - (signature)
sha256sum: 2a899815951fc3334e9eeb65eb7f271e6afade5b251f72280fd4803f7bb48fc5
Windows (7 and higher) ElectrumFair-3.3.4.exe - (signature)
sha256sum: 3b89a320af8acfffc49545aa3ba53bbdebea4496b7eb0bdab3a780869ecd69a0
ElectrumFair-3.3.4-setup.exe - (signature)
sha256sum: 55a19ee14b635f62901f1503a1386fb54086c30e42869dd0111c5dd4295a637c
ElectrumFair-3.3.4-portable.exe - (signature) - ( security advice )
sha256sum: 8c53737b3d82c42f2f02402a146024ff7afe440ae08df1a4f4b1d710861e9e5b
OSX ElectrumFair-3.3.4.dmg - (signature)
sha256sum: 3f37e32fa92dfd0f97513e0dd337e589d7b407c729c4914e72b37ac0b47e8a0b
Android (5.0 and higher) ElectrumFair- - (signature)
sha256sum: 235dcf61d4abcb2cdfb400136d4eebbaf70518d9241803ba9d2735767ef20472

Installation from Python sources

Linux Install dependencies sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5
Download package wget
Verify signature wget
gpg2 --verify ElectrumFair-3.3.4.tar.gz.asc
Run without installing tar -xvf ElectrumFair-3.3.4.tar.gz
python3 ElectrumFair-3.3.4/run_electrumfair
Install with PIP sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-pip
python3 -m pip install --user ElectrumFair-3.3.4.tar.gz[fast]
Windows (7 and higher) Install PyQt5
In the electrumfair directory, run python3 run_electrumfair
OSX Install Homebrew
Install dependencies brew install qt5 pyqt5 gettext
In the electrumfair directory, run python3 run_electrumfair