Ways to own faircoins

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The more people we have with us on this fight, the stronger faircoin and its value becomes.

Local nodes are official faircoin distributors

Local nodes

List of local nodes that you can acquire FairCoins from directly. (Doesn't contain the full list of nodes. Updated list on a fancy map is in progress)

If you would like to be a local node, contact us. The responsibility of a local node is to be active within the community and make it easier to distribute FairCoins.

  • Athens

Involved in Exchange office

Contact: athens@getfaircoin.net

  • Bilbao

Involved in exchange office, fairmarket, faircoin2 CVN

contact: email : bilbao@fair.coop

Mailing list : http://listas.lubakiagenda.net/bilbokoherrikooperatiba

Telegram : Ask in the email for invite

  • Brussels

Involved with: FairCoin, Freedom Coop

Contact: brussels@fair.coop


  • Catalunya

Involved with: Exchange office, Freedom Coop, faircoin 2 CVN

fairnetwork page: https://fair.coop/ca/catalunya/

ask to join the Faircoop catalunya telegram group

Contact: catalunya@fair.coop

  • Córdoba, Arg

Involved in exchange office (in process), fairmarket, faircoin2 CVN (in process), incubator.


Ksa Ek Chuah – Deán Funes 1352 – CP 5000

timetable : Mon – Fri / 9:00 – 21:00 or by appointment

web: http://rizoma.fair.coop

Contact: cordoba@fair.coop

Email us if you wish to be part of our telegram group

  • Galiza

Involved in exchange office

POE: Nigran – Casa Colorida

email: casacolorida@getfaircoin.net

Address: Rosalía de Castro 16, 36350, Nigrán.
Timetable: Monday to Friday, 10h-22h, during activities or by appointment.
Public Transport: Bus ATSA Vigo-Baiona.

POE: A Corunha – Imaxinaria

email: imaxinariacorunha@getfaircoin.net

Please contact to arrange a meeting in A Coruña or near.

Telegram group: Ask through e-mail to join

  • Heraklion (Crete)

Involved in: Exchange Office, FairPay, FairMarket, FreedomCoop, FairCoin 2 CVN

FairNetwork page: https://fair.coop/groups/heraklion-faircoop/

Telegram group: Ask through e-mail to join

Exchange Office (P.O.E.): Da Social Space (every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month, 5-8 p.m.)

Webpage: http://heraklion.cooperativas.gr/el/faircoin

Contact: heraklion@fair.coop

  • Jura

Involved in Exchange office, Freedom Coop, Faircoin CVN

Contact: jura@fair.coop, +41 329 41 41 41

Address: FairCoop Jura, Décentrale 59, 2610 Mont-Soleil, Switzerland
Map: https://fair.to/dwRzP
To be on the save side, make an appointment if you want to come,
make a reservation if you want to sleep-over / stay a few days.

Telegram group for the Jura local node:

Telegram group for coordination and help with the setup of new local nodes in Switzerland:

  • Madrid

Involved with collective purchases, Freedom Coop and Exchange Office

Address: Banco expropiado La Canica
C/ Embajadores 42
Timetable: 2nd Saturday of each month from 12.00 to 14.00h

Meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/es-ES/FairCoop-Madrid/

Mailing list: madrid-node@lists.fair-coin.org

Contact: madrid@fair.coop

Telegram Group: Contact us to ad you

  • País Valencià (Mediterrània)

*Starting (November 2016)

Telegram group

Contact: –

  • Porto

Involved with exchange office

Contact porto@fair.coop

  • Rojava

Involved in: Exchange office

FairNetwork page: Rojava group (under development)

Telegram group: Ask through e-mail to join

Webpage: Wiki site

Contact: contact@rojavaplan.com

  • Thessaloniki

Involved with Exchange office, Freedom Coop, Refugees Fund

ask to join the telegram group.

Fairnetwork page: https://fair.coop/faircoop-thessaloniki/

contact: thessaloniki@fair.coop

  • Ubatuba (São Paulo, Brasil)

Working to open exchange office

Address: ninho (R. Dr. Esteves da Silva, 147 – co-working no mesmo local da rádio comunitária Gaivota)
Timetable: every Tuesday from 19.00 to 20.30h

Fairnetwork page: https://fair.coop/groups/faircoop-ubatuba/

Telegram group: Ask through e-mail to join

contact: ubatuba@fair.coop

  • Vancouver

Working to open exchange office

contact: vancouver@fair.coop

Let's work together

We are all founders

There is no hierarchy in this movement. We are all equal and all founding members. By working together, we would have helped create an incorruptible currency that is strengthened by human cooperation.