Philosophy and Vision

Our mission

To build a currency that is stable, global and incorruptible. Every success within the faircoin ecosystem raises the value of faircoins. Therefore, every member or company within the faircoin ecosystem has an incentive to help each other succeed. So naturally, the more good and talented people we have early on, will help this movement succeed.

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The more people in the movement, the stronger faircoin and its value becomes.

Memorable quotes

Strength in unity

By promoting cooperation, Faircoin incentivizes us to help each other.

“Instead of relying on humans competing to keep the most value, faircoin is based on humans cooperating as equals, to create value for all of them.”

Enric Duran — Enric Duran

“What I feel is that with Faircoin, and for the first time in our history, we the people have the opportunity to choose by ourselves what kind of economic system we want freely and that remains in our hands. ”

Maro Horta — Maro Horta

“Many skeptics might scoff at the brash, utopian feel of this initiative. But in many respects, Faircoin is the ultimate realism.”

David Bollier — David Bollier

“Through cooperation, we all win. Faircoin is the ultimate case study in how we can all win by doing the right thing.”

Neil Haran — Neil Haran

Current progress

Where we are

Our goal is to be more spread out globally.

1K+ Members
1+ Merchants
1+ Local nodes
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We grow stronger with each share. We are in this together.

Let's work together

We are all founders

There is no hierarchy in this movement. We are all equal and all founding members. By working together, we would have helped create an incorruptible currency that is strengthened by human cooperation.